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Task 9 Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

MiLi Task 9 Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Details
9.1Impact assessment and exploitationPrepare and discuss the dissemination, exploitation and communication measures and the target groups addressed (e.g. scientific community, end users, financial actors, public at large).York UAll
9.2Knowledge and Data ManagementData generated and research outputs will be included in a project data base accessible by all members. This tool shall be able to procure an easy access and search environment, with special considerations for any patent protected data. The output data of the validation campaign of the lidar shall be formatted into HDF for interoperability with lidar networks such as EARLINET or MPLNET.York UINTA
9.3High-Impact Dissemination and Targeted CommunicationsProvide specific dissemination material with highly qualified targeting on the general public, technical and scientific community, and target industries. Specific workshop for technological transfer shall be organized to present the advanced athermalized materials to potential users. Articles and posters will be presented at various conferences and in peer reviewed journals to disseminate the research outputs. Presentation to general public will be performed through project WebSite, social media platforms and videos. York UAll
9.4Intellectual Property ManagementManage and exploit the IP obtained through-out the project and purse possible market opportunities. Identify those markets and contribute to the outreach of this new technologies to maximize the future impact of the research.CSIC