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Electronics Validation

Concept to Reality

Lidar Processing Board Mockup in Altuim Designer

Lidar Processing board Mockup
Testing Lidar processing boardTesting the boad. Not all components and soldered onto the board

Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA)Large chip on the left of the Lidar Processing Board. FPGAs are particularly well suited for processing large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. This will be the “brains” of MiLi.

MiLi Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)Silicon PhotomultiplierThis photodetector will measure the returning laser pulses. This solid-state device can amplify the return signal with a very high gain. This will be the “eyes” of MiLi.

Testing EGSE Power boardJoaquín Rivas Abalo (foreground), MiLi INTA electronic specialist supervises student in training Santiago Andrés Velasco (background)
Power Board
After each of the components are tested independently, they will be put together to form the MiLi prototype and go on for further testing as a unit. Optical components and software designed to control the Lidar will be added as the project progresses.