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An industrial workshop is being organized as part of the IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology July 8-11, 2024 in Gijion Spain. Details to come.



Mili video released on YouTube link to video (in spanish)

Ventuciencia Ventuciencia. Carmen Cordoba Jabonero and Laura Gomez Martin from INTA participated in the Ventuciencia Science Fair. They talked about the Mili project and LiDAR instrumentation (what it is, what it is for, how it works, etc.)

Juan Jose at Nanodays 2024 Nanodays 2024. The CINN organizes every year in March-April an event called “Nanodays” targeted at students from primary and secondary schools (10-17 years old). The activities include a guided tour of our laboratories and worhshops. In order to facilitate the understanding of our reseach in the field of materials science during the visit to the laboratories we also present a selection of on-going projects trying to make students aware not only about the technical challenges addressed but also the societal impacts and overall project objectives. This year we included the MiLi Project in the program.

Four educational institutions participated in our NANODAYS: IES Juan José Calvo (6th March) (Sotrondio-Asturias); IES Virgen de Covadonga (14th March) (El Entrego-Asturias); IES Cuenca del Nalón (21st March) (Langreo-Asturias) and CRA San Martín (30th April) (El Entrego-Asturias). The total number of participants was 75.

Nanodays 2024 On 26th April, 2024 the CINN attended the II Science and Innovation Fair of the Principality of Asturias. Information about MiLi was shown and several MiLi Project demostrations were done.

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