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Task 1 Requirements

MiLi Task 1 Requirements Details
1.1Martian State of the Art Atmospheric ReviewReview the most updated evidence of atmospheric composition, mainly with the last contributions of MARS2020 and MRO missions.York U INTA
1.2Terrestrial State of the Art Atmospheric Instrument ReviewReview the most updated use of advanced instrumentation, mainly related to depolarization and use of SiPMT technologies, related to the different dust types (Asian, Saharans, etc.)INTAYork U
1.3Requirement Review & Technical SpecificationDuring this task, the design team members shall review the Scientific Requirements and prepare the base for the concurrent instrument specification review. This initial preparation shall maximize the productivity of task 10.1. INTAPOLIMI, York U, CSIC
1.4Final consolidation of the instrument requirements. The instrument performance specification must be defined not only for expected ranges, but also for acceptable ranges. These acceptable ranges will be such that the instrument could be used in degraded modeINTAPOLIMI,York U, CSIC
1.5Backscattering and Extinction Mars based ModelThe creation of physical to engineering model to be used during the design phase, and instrument to physical model to interpret the output of the instrument shall be produced during this phase.INTAYork U