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Task 2 New Athermalized Ceramic Materials Development

MiLi Task 2 New Athermalized Ceramic Materials Development Details
2.1Preparation of zero CTE ceramic materialsStudies of new compositions will be performed to optimize the thermomechanical behaviour in the whole operation range (defined by Scientific Requirements (D1.1). Composite materials will be fully characterized (density, microstructure, CTE, etc.) and best candidate will be selected for Task 5.2.CSIC
2.2Conditioning of ceramic materials for green machiningMachining ceramics is a difficult and expensive process due to the intrinsic hardness and brittleness of these materials. Preparation of the zero CTE material selected in previous task will be adapted to ceramic technologies used at industrial scale such as spray drying or casting techniques in order to facilitate the subsequent green machining of components.CSIC
2.3Preparation and validation of complex shape componentsComponents selected by the project to be produced with zero CTE ceramic materials will be obtained by machining ceramic green bodies that can be prepared either by casting or by pressing spray dried powders. In this task it will be studied the pre-sintering and sintering parameters in order to obtain the final component with the desired microstructure, density, CTE and shape. CSIC, POLIMI