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Task 4 Software Development

MiLi Task 4 Software Development Details
4.1HW/SW Architectural DefinitionDesign a highly configurable architecture to provide the instrument with adaptable operational modes.INTA
4.2High Speed Acquisition AlgorithmOne of the key points to be able to improve the SNR of the LIDAR, is based on the use of SiPMT which allows high speed measures, which provides a unique opportunity to oversample the signal reducing the noise. This algorithm shall be adaptive in terms of light received from the detector and operational mode.INTA
4.3Laser Control AlgorithmThe key of the adaptive LIDAR control is to react to the acquisition chain and combine both actuator and sensor depending on the atmospheric situation. This task shall design the control of the laser to work in harmony with the acquisition algorithm. INTA
4.4Instrument Control LogicDuring this task, AISE team from INTA shall provide the instrument with the proper interface and support for controlling the instrument and providing a proper interface for the user.INTA
4.5FPGA & Software DevelopmentImplementation of the VHDL and software designed in the previous tasks.INTA
4.6FPGA & Software Unitary TestSoftware validation through unitary testing methodology.INTA
4.7HW/SW Integration TestIntegration of the electronics and opto-electronics subsystem with the software and VHDL implementation to validate the compatibility and performance of the control unit.INTA