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Task 5 Mechanical Development

MiLi Task 5 Mechanical Development Details
5.1Feasibility thermal-mechanical designPreliminary thermal-mechanical design and trade-off analyses will be performed based on the optical design requirements. The feasibility design will be assessed by finite element reduced models, aiming to verify the thermomechanical resistance of the holders in the operative conditions and the fulfilment of the optical and thermal-mechanical design requirements.POLIMI
5.2Detailed thermal-mechanical designDetailed mechanical design of the miniaturized LIDAR will be performed by refining the developed thermal-mechanical models in the feasibility design phase. Specified temperature profiles of the Martian soil and atmosphere will be used for the design, considering the different operational profiles. Moreover, 2D drawings for the manufacturing phase will be produced.POLIMI
5.3Mechanical manufacturing and part verificationThe manufacturing process of the new ceramic materials will be tuned to achieve the mechanical tolerances required for the optical holders. Testing of prototypes and representative mechanical parts will be performed to validate the manufacturing process. Manufacturing of the main instrument parts will be performed based on the executive drawings from the detailed design task. Moreover, preliminary verification activities will be performed to allow subsequent integration with the optics and electronics. POLIMICSIC