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Task 6 Optical Development

MiLi Task 6 Optical Development Details
6.1Opto-mechanical DesignDefine both the optical mechanical solutions for the both channels carrying out the performances, structural and sensitivity analysis. During this task development, the design shall be fed with the possible manufacturing options and tolerances.INTAPOLIMI,ASP,York U
6.2Optical ManufacturingOptical elements provision including free-form lens and active optical elements for light polarization. The optical elements manufactured shall also be coated and tested to assess that the manufacturing tolerances had fall within the requirements. ASP
6.3IntegrationAssembly and alignment of the two optical systems: emitter and receiving channels. The use of micro-metres adjustments shall allow alignment of the emitter telescope with the receiver optical assembly. This process shall be performed in a proper clean area using advanced instrumentation to commit to optical requirements agreed within the Instrument Requirement Document. INTAASP, POLIMI
6.4Opto-Mechanical ValidationTest set-up configuration and lab characterization on the opto-mechanical subsystem. INTAASP